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Secure, Intuitive and Always Free :)

We make working on Salesforce ridiculously easy for reps

Make your CRM work for you with easy data updations, simplified dashboards, more data, fewer clicks and a UI like never before. TrackTable offers you a Spreadsheet experience for you CRM data

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How it Works

Meet Tracktable, a beautiful, simple and faster experience

The only chrome app you'll ever need to manage your salesforce and effectively close more deals.
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Easily view your pipeline


Make instant updates

You already keep a google sheet of all your updates. Imagine doing it on fly while your salesforce is always up to date on a sheet itself. That is Tracktable.

Why TrackTable

Put TrackTable to work. Invest your time where it's needed


Easy Setup

Get Started in seconds

Just login with Salesforce. All your opportunities are directly shown. Start updating them without any worries. No Admin permissions required.

Smart Notes

Get a notion like experience to easily create notes and sync across Salesforce

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Share notes with your team

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Templates to make note taking faster

Adapts to Your Process

Create tiles and implement playbooks that work accoring to any process you follow

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Custom Grouping of fields

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Different views for different use cases

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Beautiful wall

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Interactive platform

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See it in Action

Watch the product demo to understand why so many reps love us

Imagine being a SalesRep you love to update your deals. Imagine all your notes and details carefully organised in one place. Checkout the video to understand how you can 100x your productivity.

Using a different browser? Get the WebApp instead. Click here

Our Users

Why Reps love Tracktable?

"The manager said that my salesforce data started making sense"

My salesforce data started making sense, he said? Guess what, I'm not even spending half of the time I did earlier on the CRM

Sam Whol
Sales Development Representative

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