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We help SDRs do actual selling

Our Mission

We observed that 30% of a rep's time is wasted in updating CRM data which is absolutely nonsensical. 70% of the SDRs we talked to agreed that this is a major reason why they are not able to deliver what it takes for a bonus or a raise or a promotion. 

We want to create an environment where the reps don't have to waste their time on all these complementary activities while keeping in mind that all this data is also important for the macro goals of the company. Firstly we thought of creating something which can populate data from different data sources automating all the non-sales tasks, but the problem was, low accuracy in data capture, SDRs still had to verify all the data manually which again pulls us back to square one.

So here we are, with TrackTable aiming to minimize all the wastage of time without using any new tool in this already crowded tech stack. It will cover your salesforce with an ironman suit, making all the tasks simpler, easier and more fun.

Our Community

We believe that learning is an integral part of life, irrespective of career path or designation. But here in sales, it's a tricky subject. There are tons of different sources of knowledge to refer to and millions of answers to a single question. What can be a solution to this? Always have a single source which can deliver you everything, but remember what you read shapes the kind of approach you use for any particular situation and in sales, which a highly personalised and interaction based field you can't just go with one perspective for all the situations. Then what to do, isn't it a deadlock?

Yeah, it is, and to break this deadlock, we started a community where people can ask questions and share their views on different problems faced while selling along with sharing all the useful resources. This give you a broader picture of a situation, highlighting every perspective. And here, you are not supposed to read and follow whatever someone says, you can cross question, raise doubts and these interactions are what the reps have trained for.

So get ready for the resources, webinars meetups and many more stuff which you will remember your lifetime as you use everything in your daily hustle!

About Clientell

Clientell is like a "Go to space" dream come true for us, It's a platform that exhaustively covers every aspect of a RevOps team. We can say, it is an advisor for a CRO, an assistant for a VP, a guide for a manager and best of all, a friend to the sales reps. The day the concept of RevOps has been introduced the tech stack backing the revenue teams has been flooded by different automation, utility, and analytics tools, resulting in data silos throughout the pipeline, sales reps being converted into robots, and spendings sometimes more than the value the tech stack delivers.

But again, how can introducing a new tool gonna solve the problem which is caused by these tools? The answer lies in the description of Clientelll Revenue Intelligence Platform, it is an easy to use single-source-of-truth platform which can be used by everyone in the revenue teams, from forecasting to risk analytics to automated data capture and deal rooms this platform offers all the features a revenue team will ever need. Easily integrating with your current sales stack, this platform will become your go-to place for all the answers you need about your current, past and even future pipeline. 

Still didn't fully understand what we want to say, watch the platform in action with the demo link  below, happy selling!


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